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Our mission

If we don’t learn, grow and take action from our life experiences, only then can we feel regret.  We need to make meaning out of what feels like it is impossible to understand.  We need to rally, we need to partner together, and we need to fight.

When you hear the devastating word Cancer uttered from a doctors mouth, your world begins to spin.  You become empowered.  You become educated about the specific disease, you search for the best doctors, and you learn about ground breaking research.  Resources and access varies greatly, and in our darkest days, we need a community of light and support.  But we are also angry, and we want to tell Cancer to GFY.

GFYC Foundations mission is to support all those affected by the diagnosis of cancer.  To provide funding for research, financial and psychological support for patients and caregivers alike.  Tp provide hope when they need it most.  Because, ”hope is a good thing maybe even the best of things and good things never die.” — Shawshank Redemption

How we help

GFYC Foundation will fund research and caregiver support within the cancer community. 

We will work with both national organizations and local charities and together, the Board will determine how to allocate endowments accordingly.

To join a planning committee or submit a charity for consideration, please contact us.


4th Annual Go FUNK Yourself Cancer

Come join the party and raise money to support local Cancer related charities!

Wed Jan 30

Hill Country 

26th / 6th / Broadway

Open bar 7-9

Live Music


Silent Auction

Cash Bar after 9pm


2nd Annual AJB GoandbeGreat Invitational

Event Details:

Tues, Aug 7 at Quaker Ridge.  

In addition, a non-golfer event will take place that afternoon "WWDD" aka What Would Deb Do (while Ari was golfing).   

3rd Annual GFYC Fundraiser

Tickets now available!


Wednesday, January 31


Live music, 2 hour open bar, food, silent auction and more! 

Cycle for Survival - NY

Join team #GFYC in NY!

Equinox East 44th Street

Saturday February 10

Time:  10am - 2pm 

Go to the team page:


Click "Join this Team" 

Enter the case-sensitive password to join: cycle2018

Cycle for Survival - Chicago

Join team #GFYC in Chicago!

Equinox @ The Loop

Saturday February 10

Time:  8am-12pm

Go to the team page: http://mskcc.convio.net/goto/gfycchi
Click "Join this Team"
Enter the case-sensitive password to join: gfycchi

Help Our Cause

Your support will help local and national cancer related charities.   

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For more information or to nominate a charity for consideration, please fill out the form below.

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